Help The Elders-20%

Weekly Update-20%

What my group has accomplished this week. We have accomplish finishing my video. Our video is an elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is when you have a few minutes to persuade a famous person in helping your group. I am persuading Taylor Swift to post something about my project. This way people all of the world can know about my project. We want people all over the world to be inspired by me.

I am very excited about my project. It is coming along very well. I know that in the end when we present it will be worth it. It can sometimes be over whelming. Such as when we have a lot of due dates coming up.

Our plan to accomplish our next deadline is to finish our videos. Our videos are due Friday. My video is almost done. I just need to finish editing it and turn it in. Some of my other group members still have some work to do. So we had a sleepover to give us time to finish up.

The issues that we have had and how we have solved them. One issue that we have had is meet our mentor. We have been emailing her and spoken to her over the phone once. We still have not had an official meeting yet. So we want to sometime soon during our 20% time meet with or speak to her. We wanted to do this this past week, but our teacher was absent so the plan did not follow through. As soon as possible we want to meet with her. Steak Dinner Bersama Atlet Indonesia Peraih Medali OlimpiadeCreative Commons License Australian Embassy Jakarta via Compfight

Happy St.Patrick’s Day!

Happy St.Patrick’s Day!

                  Happy St.Patrick’s Day! Today I will be telling some cool facts about St.Patties Day.

  • Fact 1) Saint Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious celebration.
  • Fact 2) It takes place every year on 17 March. 
  • Fact 3) According to Irish legend, the saint used the four leaf clover as a metaphor when he brought Christianity to Ireland.
  • Fact 4) St.Patrick was born around 368 AD  
  • Fact 5)St.Patrick died on March 17th 460 AD.
  • Fact 6) In honor of this day people wear green and eat. corned beef and cabbage.
  • Facts 7) It is believed St. Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland.
  • Fact 8) If you don’t wear green you have a very high chance of getting pintched.

If you want more information about St.Patty’s day go to these sites. and

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Weekly update- 20% Project

                        This our  week we accomplished starting filming our elevator pitch: A elevator pitch is a video were you explain what you need from a famous person. So i chose Taylor Swift, and I want her to post about my project. We want her to do this because it will help promote our group. If more people know about it than more people will participate. 

                             I am very excited about our project: Sometimes it can be overwhelming. Such as all of the deadlines.  But, I think it will be worth it in the end. I can’t wait to go to the nursing home and help the elders. One exciting thing is our video is almost over and is turning out very good! I can’t wait till we have a final video that i will share with you guys! 

My plans to accomplish our next deadline: Our next deadline is to meet with Ms.Croft, our mentor in the next two weeks. We are going to accomplish this by having a meeting with her during our 20% project time or after school. We need to get in touch with her and find a date to meet. I know that we can accomplish this if we work hard.

The issues that we are having and how we are going to solve them: We have had an issue with finding a time to meet with our mentor. Last time we had some complications and want to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.  We are solving this by making sure to get in touch with her soon. We want to have a good plan to make sure that we meet with her in the next two weeks. Quiet allies IMG_4599

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Help the elders- 20%

Help The Elders

The 20% Project

              My group and I have accomplished finish our outline for our elevator pitch. An outline is a based plan. Our outline is a script for our groups elevator pitch. Our elevator pitch is when you go in an elevator and try to persuade someone to help you. I am trying to persuade Taylor Swift to advertise my group, and get us known. My group is going to go to nursing homes in the community and teach the elders their how to use Facebook.

              This week we are going to talk to our mentor. We are going to talk to her over the phone. We need to call her and set a date to meet with her.  Last week we tried to meet with her on Sunday, but there were complications. We want to meet with her at the Library or school sometime soon. We need her because she works at a rehab center and is good with the elders.

               I  have been going through lots of different feeling about this project. Sometimes it is super fun. Other times it is overwhelming. It can be overwhelming because there are lots of due dates that we have to meet.

20% Project

20% Project

We have accomplished setting a date to meet with our mentor. We have not met with our mentor yet, but we are meeting with her this Sunday. We are feeling very excited and can not wait to visit the nursing home. By next Friday we want to have set up a date to go to the nursing home.

20% Project Update

20% Project Update

By: Lily Stephens

For our school project, our 20% project we have decided to visit a nursing home and try to teach the elders how to use Facebook. One goal that my group and I have accomplished is talking to our mentor. We called her and spoken with her about what we wanted to do with our project, and how she could help us. We are very excited about our project so far. We hope that we learn a lot and teach them a lot. One problem that we have run into is were we are going to have the event. We fixed this problem by asking our mentor what she thought was the best. We decided to do it were she works. At her work they have an area that is open for us to use! Thanks for reading, go checkout my partners’ blogs! Morgan and Payton

1/27 Call Ms.Croft and ask her when she can meet with  us.
2/10 We want to have met with Ms.Croft
2/24 Contacted the nursing home.
3/10 Have set a date to go to the nursing home.
3/24  Know what we are doing and saying at the nursing home.
4/7  Have been to the nursing home.
4/21 Started working on our slideshow
5/5 Start practicing  our presentation
5/19 Finish our project and get ready to present.




20% Project

20% Project

Do you know what a 20% project is?

                Well, it is a project that you work on every Friday. For my project, I chose to teach people at a nursing home how to use technology. I wanted to do this project because it would help the people at the nursing home to stay in contact with their family and friends. This comes in handy when they can´t visit them. I did this with my project group, Payton and Morgan

                    So far we have accomplished a few things, such as deciding we are going to have them use whatever technology they have, and we will teach them to use Facebook. We are working on what nursing home we are going to. We are also working on getting our outline information. Next, we plan to find a mentor. This needs to be someone knowledgeable of technology and of the elderly people, and someone willing to give us some of their time. We have run into the problem of trying to find a mentor. We also are having a hard time trying to decide what nursing home we want to go to. We have fixed these problems by reaching out to one of our teacher’s moms. She works at a nursing home and is willing to help. We have decided to start at Colonial Heights and Gardens, but we want our project to keep going and help people all over Northern KY!!

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My favorite Holidays

My Favorite Holidays

Week challenge #9

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                                                                My favorite Holiday is Christmas! I love Christmas because I get to spend the day with my family. Also because the day after I go on a vacation with all my family. This year I am going to Florida and staying in a big house with my cousins. Another reason I love Christmas is because it is pretty and everything is covered in snow. I love the bright, colorful lights that my neighborhood is covered in.

                                                                My second favorite holiday is Fourth Of July. I love Fourth Of July because I love going to the lake and lighting fireworks with my family. We always go boating during the day and when we come in that night we grill out. Then when it gets later and dark we all walk to the end of the driveway and the boys light firework. We all sit in camp chairs and watch. When every we get old enough we get to light firework also.

                                                                   My last favorite holiday is Halloween. I love Halloween because I get to dress up with my best friends and go trick-or-treating. We also get to go on a hay ride to all of the houses instead of walking. This year for Halloween my costume was Minnie Mouse. The best part of Halloween is my haunted house. I love being in and setting up our haunted house. It is fun to scare all of the people who walk through the barn.

What is your favorite holiday?


Bullying is a serious problem in my county, state, and all around the world!

                Bullying is something that can be stopped. To be a bully means one is using power or strength to directly intimidate an individual or group. Most of the time, a bully is formed by someone that was bullied and wants you to feel their pain. Also, someone that is jealous or intimidated by you. If you are getting bullied, tell a teacher, parent or another trusted adult. To stop bullying, you must stand up and speak up for yourself and others.

                      There are many types of bullying such as cyber bullying, physical bullying, verbal bullying, and social bullying. Signs of cyber bullying are hurtful text messages/emails, abusive posts, and hacking online or social media accounts. Signs of physical bullying including hitting, kicking, pinching, or tripping. Signs of verbal bullying include calling names, or insulting.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

                       I had some much fun over my Thanksgiving break! I eat lots and lots of yummy  food. I also spent time with my family. In my house we put up our Christmas tree.

Comment below what you did for Thanksgiving!


Lily Stephens